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www.CheckReorderExpress.com is part of ClarkeAmerican which is now called Harland Clarke. Harland Clarke is a leading provider of integrated payment solutions, marketing services, security services and retail products. It provides integrated solutions to financial institutions, business clients, investment firms, individual consumers, medium and large scale businesses. It is located in San Antonio, Texas which is its headquarters. It employs more than 4000 people and provides various facilities in multiple states and communities. Before you order your checks from Clarke American, be sure to find Clarke American checks coupon code on the web to find if you can save money.

The main mission of Harland Clarke is to be a market leading Fortune 500 company through growth and performance excellence. It’s main purpose is to be a trusted leader by providing valued products, services and solutions. It works on four important core values they are, Trust and integrity, Employee Engagement, Customer Focus and Respect. You can also login online to order your products through your financial institution. It maintains good relationship with customers. It treats the customers with great dignity. It works on its commitments and promises with most consistency and contributes to a safe, secure and a supportive environment.

www.CheckReorderExpress.com is the website where you can reorder your bank checks. Most banks charge a fee for reordering check and also sends you to a third party provider like Harland Clarke Checks who has been in the business of printing bank checks for year.

On Checkreorderexpress.com, you can order one of the hundreds of different check options they offer! Everything from designs to backgrounds, lettering to accessories can be ordered right here, and for less then your bank would charge! All you do is set up an account and use your bank routing and account numbers. It doesn’t matter what bank you use, they can print up your checks and have them to you in about a week.


If you paid with a check, you need to link to your website Harland Clarke personal checks online. You can change your account settings easily and securely with the register Reorder Express website. All you have to do is enter your routing and transit number and account number in the lower left corner of the control found. Once you have logged in, you know what to do.